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June 17, 2008


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The world is seemingly ordinary and boring. it makes you think if there is any real supernatural phenomena that lies underneath all this seeming sameness. I’m not talking about ghosts and monsters either, although I do admit that supernatural phenomena does excite and terrify me. I’ve been reading Wikipedia this past few weeks, trying to gobble up as much info on such seemingly unexplainable. How do we find out what’s at the end of the universe? Is there a wall that encompasses this whole reality? Is there something beyond that wall? All this talk happens usually when one is out with friends… maybe drinking beer, or generally just pondering the nature of true reality. This makes me wonder how intelligent early philosophers like Socrates were, to have been able to grasp a little bit about the true nature of the universe. Then again, maybe part of it is ingrained in the old collective psyche of humankind. All in all, this makes for some great points to ponder, if you truly believe that there is something underneath what our ordinary senses tell us. And if there is, isn’t it amazing how much of the reality is truly unexplored, and how little we know about it?

June 10, 2008

Some thoughts on technology

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Isn’t it funny how fast technology has evolved? I remember seeing the first pc my family bought and spend hours just watching it boot up. Imagine my reaction when i got to use a colored pc (Boy, nothing could top this!). How about cable? I even remember the heydays of pagers and easycall, when it was the must have accessory for conios and wannabes alike. Woe betide the person who didn’t have even a low tech one!

Now fast forward just a few years later, and you’ll find me on my monobloc chair (a great invention I might add), glued to the computer. All in all, thankful enough never to have used a typewriter.

The internet has changed much of the way we handle information. To me, it stands as the most significant invention of the past 20 years. Having started as a military project, it has become a staple not only in information, but also communication. The days of chatting on the phone has been replaced by instant messengers for the internet crowd. There is youtube, which allows a person to view millions of videos of every possible thing. Dogs crapping, to the old 80’s video you’ve always wanted to see again. Hell, we have internet celebrities like Tay Zonday and Samwell, whose fame is based on a mostly free enterprise.

Here in the Philippines, due to poor infrastructure, it takes a long time for technology to become mainstream, but if it’s useful and cool enough, then it will happen. Cellphones are the primary example of this. I was in high school when cellphones were just being introduced to the masses. It only about 5 years ago that it became the necessary gadget for everyone.

Technology the past 150 years or so has evolved faster than we’ve ever seen it. Seriously, what changes were made between, say, 1089 AD to 1357 AD (random years I chose)? Without looking at Wikipedia (another indispensable tool for the cramming student and the bored alike), I’d say not much. Which leads me to believe I’d be living on Mars in a few years.

And then nothing could top that!

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