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March 22, 2008

On Food

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Food is such a good thing. Whenever I see something that even looks good, I start becoming hungry again. There is something about food that is seemingly irresistible. I’ve experienced times when I was down to my last few wads of cash and chose to eat, not thinking whether I could even get home with the money I have. There are a few delicacies though, that stand out above all other dished. Even writing this post already makes me hungry. Without further ado:


There is something about this dish that makes me want to eat it all the time. Spicy, thick, and delicious. Beef is the meat of kings, I truly believe. This is the almighty pulutan, the dish where goats end up in. Also a dish I believe nobody could hate.


Why does this stuff taste so good? There is something about that white sauce (garlic sauce?) and the buttered rice which makes this dish irresistible. Waiters beware of murderous eyes staring at that slab of meat on that plate. Maybe this is the thing that will bring peace to the Middle East.


I truly believe that whoever invented ice cream was a genius. How could a combination of milk and ice be so addictive? It’s almost surreal. When eating ice cream, I feel a lightheaded-ness that allows me to be at peace with the world. A work of art and genius. 10/10.

Obesity is a problem of many people (and I thank my metabolism that I’m not obese). With all the delicious food at the modern world’s disposal, I can’t say I blame them for being fat.

How to stay clear of these myriad of fatteningly delicious delicacies? It’s a conundrum that won’t be answered soon.

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